Misinterpretations in ‘Searching for Saraswati’ (Michel Danino, Hindu, April 21, 2015)

searching for saraswati

Professor Irfan Habib’s article, “Searching for Saraswati” (The Hindu, April 17) is replete with misrepresentations; I will deal with only two. Agreed, the Haryana government’s plan to revive the near-defunct “Sarsuti” stream, whose source at Adi Badri has been traditionally regarded as the ancient Saraswati’s (“Excavation to begin in search of Saraswati”, The Hindu, March 31), is dubious in the absence of a healthy catchment area; drilling borewells to augment its flow is ecologically absurd.

However, the proposed diversion of its waters eastward to Prayag exists only in Prof. Habib’s imagination: the quoted article’s reporter simply juxtaposed the old Triveni Sangam tradition, but other articles carry the Yamunanagar Deputy Commissioner S.S. Phulia’s statement that “the water channel would flow up to the holy town of Pehowa in Kurukshetra,” that is westward (its natural direction).

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