The maharaja and the monarch-Part 2 (Sam Cowan in The Record)

(by Sam Cowan Tuesday April 21, 2015)

Part 2: The monarch

This is the second of two articles covering the visits to the United Kingdom of Maharaja Chandra Shum Shere Rana in 1908 and King Mahendra in 1960. Although he was treated as a state guest, Chandra’s visit was a private one. A government official met him on arrival and he and his suite were accommodated in a large London house hired for the purpose. King Mahendra’s arrival on a four-day state visit on October 17, 1960 was a much more regal affair. Traveling by air from Paris, he was met en route by six Gloster Javelin aircraft from the Fighter Command of the Royal Air Force, and greeted at Gatwick airport by the Duke of Kent on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II. On arrival by special train at Victoria Station, he was met by the Queen, escorted by Prince Philip, with other members of the royal family in attendance. The Queen personally requested that the prime minister, Mr. Harold Macmillan, should attend. Mr. R. A. Butler, the home secretary was also present. See here for the reception at Victoria Station:

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