17 commandments for Modi: The country has a stable mandate after a long time, BJP must not blow it (Chetan Bhagat, Times of India)

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Let me forewarn: this is not going to be pretty. After the Delhi loss, there are plenty of articles on what BJP did wrong. While that has been well understood, it is important to note what it will take now to get out of this mess.

Here is a list of 17 action points if BJP wants to remain the dominant political party in India. After a long time, we have had a stable mandate at the top. If BJP blows this opportunity it will set India back by a decade. So, here goes.

Realise the Delhi election loss was a pure, unmitigated disaster. It has ended the halo around Modi, or the Modi wave. It has also shown the top leadership has no clue about the feelings of people on the street or their own party workers. It also casts doubt on Modi’s actual execution ability.

The PM, with all due respect, is floating too high. Come back to earth. Don’t try to present an image of a global statesman. You have won an anti-incumbency election when Congress was weak, by increasing BJP’s vote share by a few percentage points. You have not transformed India yet. Don’t go to Fiji. (Sorry Fiji, just that we have more important issues here.)

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