The Year’s Best Books for Understanding Our Complicated World ( Kapil Komireddi, New Republic)

The Price of Thirst
: Global Water Inequality and the Coming Chaos
, by Karen Piper

“There’s Money in Thirst,” screamed a headline in the New York Times in 2006. In The Price of Thirst, Karen Piper sets off to find the profiteers. She discovers a small number of corporations which, “banking on the fact that the world is entering a global water crisis,” have successfully enlisted the help of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund to assume exclusive control of water supplies in some of the world’s poorest corners. Chile is the sole country on earth to have wholly privatised its water. But, travelling through India, Egypt, and Iraq, and frequently exposing herself to grave personal danger (she suffered partial loss of hearing while covering a protest), Piper introduces us to a vast human cast whose access to potable water is progressively diminishing. A backlash by the people being forced to pay for drinking water is not far away….

The Art of Secularism: The Cultural Politics of Modernist Art in Contemporary India, by Karin Zitzewitz

In The Art of Secularism, Karin Zitzewitz brilliantly traces the tragedy of India’s political and cultural degeneration through the evolving work of its most influential painters: MF Husain, Gulamohammed Sheikh, Bhupen Khakar, and KG Subramanyam.

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