Mandakranta Sen (Poetry International, Rotterdam,1 November 2014)

Mandakranta Sen

Mandakranta Sen is a prominent voice in contemporary Bengali poetry. Her literary engagement spans various genres: she has authored 19 collections of poems, eight novels, two volumes of short fiction and a book of essays. She originally studied medicine but decided to switch tracks in the middle of her final examination and commit herself to a life in literature. Today she works, as she puts it, as a “translator, playwright, lyricist, composer, cover designer and editor of a little magazine,” and her own work has been widely translated.
Arunava Sinha (an award-winning translator of classic, modern and contemporary Bengali writing, including Sen’s poetry) writes: “The youngest winner of the ‘Ananda Purashkar’, the definitive award in Bengali arts and letters for the year’s top literary achievement, at just 27, Mandakranta Sen broke new ground in poetry with her very first volume of poetry, Hriday Abadhyo Meye (The Heart’s a Disobedient Girl). Her Leftist leanings combine with outspoken sensuality to carve out a unique brand of forthright and yet lyrical verse, which has set a benchmark of sorts for contemporary Bengali poetry”.

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