A Right-Wing Coup in Brazil

Dilma impeachmentNOAM Chomsky has called it a “soft coup”, presumably because no guns or tanks have been involved as yet; but the forced resignation of Dilma Rousseff, the democratically elected  president of Brazil belonging to the Left-wing Workers’ Party, and her replacement by a Right-wing politician Michel Temer, who has lost no time in constituting an all white and all male conservative cabinet, is nothing short of a coup.

Dilma Rousseff is to be impeached on charges of “corruption”, but this “corruption”, contrary to the impression conveyed both at home and abroad by a powerful segment of the Brazilian media, does not refer to any illicit amassing of personal fortune on her part. Indeed even The New York Times has written that Dilma Rousseff  is the one leading politician of the region who has not stolen in order to benefit herself. The charge against her refers to “budgetary manipulations”, ie, shifting expenditure from one head to another within the budget which is pretty standard practice; even if it constitutes “misdemeanor” it certainly does not justify impeachment. And if her opponents were still so worked up about the issue, they could easily have waited till the elections and taken it to the people. Instead they have chosen to act in an obscene hurry, and without waiting for the people’s verdict which they obviously were not sure would go in their favour…….

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