India’s Nuclear Scientists Have Been Dying Mysteriously And No One Knows Why-Abhishek Saksena (Kractivism, May 5,2015)

Here are some disturbing facts. In 2009, 48-year-old Lokanathan Mahalingam, a scientist working at the Kaiga Atomic Power Station, went missing from his morning walk only to be found dead five days later in the Kali river. A few weeks before this incident, Ravi Mule, who worked at the Nuclear Power Corporation was also found dead in the same forest. In 2010, M Iyer, an engineer at BARC was found dead at his residence. In 2011, another BARC scientist Uma Rao was found dead.

More recently KK Josh and Abhish Shivam, both of whom were working on India’s first indigenous nuclear ballistic submarine, INS Arihant, were found dead on railway tracks by workers. They had apparently been poisoned before being left on the tracks. And it isn’t a new phenomenon either. Back in 1966, the death of Homi Jehangir Bhabha, father of India’s nuclear program, was also subject to conspiracy theories. He had died in a plane crash over the Swiss Alps.

What’s worse is that these deaths end up being classified as suicides or as unexplained killings. Police investigations lead to nowhere and the cases are closed. In case of Mule’s death, his family had raised the issue of conducting a probe because of police apathy, while Uma Rao’s family contested the police verdict of the death being a case of suicide.

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