Internet governance: What if the sky really is falling?

internet governance

There is nothing, I have observed, that makes readers’ eyes glaze over quite like a discussion of “Internet governance.”  It is entirely understandable; there has been a fair bit of hand-waving and even hand-wringing, about Internet governance over the past couple of decades – I have been among the guilty on this – and nothing much ever actually happens; governance talk turns out to be just that – talk – while the Internet seems to purr along quite well from one day to the next, with no more “governance” than it seemed to have ten or twenty years ago, thank you very much.

But something truly ominous is brewing on the Internet governance front, something with the potential to affect every one of the billions of people who now use the Internet on a daily basis, and not for the better.  It is, unfortunately, buried pretty deep in some dense technical, and the legal, weeds, but here is the story in a nutshell.

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